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El Caldero translates into English as "The Cauldron" and, although the term could equally apply to the whole of the valley of Mogan because of the high temperatures which are experienced during the summer months, in this instance it refers to one of the most recognizable of the floats which are displayed during the final major procession of the festivities.

The Fiesta itself is, indeed, a cauldren of activity and people for much of the two week duration of the Romaria or Fiesta de San Antonio El Chico to give it its full title.

Whilst we are completing the site, we have a few suggestions for you: see below

Basil's Bistro

The chef at Basil's will prepare for you possibly the finest Paella you                                 have tasted.

Basil's Bistro is popular both with tourists and Spanish because they try that bit harder.

Good food, well prepared and served by enthusiastic staff will ensure that you have a great evening.

It is normally open from 10:00  to 22:00 but click here to confirm the current opening times and for contact details to make a resevation (strongly recommended to avoid disappointment)


If you have a particularly special occasion to celebrate we are fortunate to have one of the finest restaurants in Europe in Puerto de Mogan.

It is not cheap but it is incredible value and if you want a gastonomic experience which you are unlikely to forget, try Quetal. We don't think you will regret it.

For details of how to book (it is not recommended to turn up without a reservation) click here to go to the web site.

If your idea of a good meal is a plate full of chips in the company of Ronald Macdonald we would urge you to look elsewhere!

Marina Pool Bar

The Marina Pool Bar is a great alternative to the beach.

With heated pool, children's pool, heated jacuzzis, an extensive menu and a well stocked bar you don't need to worry about getting sand in your sandwiches!

Lunch and refreshments can be served at your sunbed, or you can enjoy the nicest terrace in Mogan and a little shade.

The pool has a resident life guard, so if you have children, you can relax a little.

Click here to go to the Pool Bar website for details of opening times.

Mogan Guide

If you are looking for more detailed information about restaurants, activities, or local services in Mogan click here.

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